To assure no one misses the opportunity to discover Christ in their lives, the Office for Black Catholic Ministries exists to serve God through the greater church, evangelizing to all-- who knowingly or unknowingly seek Him, regardless of their color, race, or religion, and to serve the body of the faithful.

Shall be available as a resource to clergy, religious and laity to foster greater sensitivity, understanding and harmony in the parish communities.

Shall respond to the call to spread the Gospel to those in the Church and to the unchurched, that all might grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.

Shall be available to assist, in any way possible, all people in need.

Shall not be a Bystander to injustice in any form, any time, any where.


The Office for Black Catholic Ministries: 

Shall be dedicated to the relentless demands of fostering ongoing dialogue that is rooted in Charity and Truth and directed toward a mutual esteem and appreciation of Black Culture in the Archdiocese of Hartford.

Shall promote the heritage of Black Catholic culture by offering affirmation and assistance to preserve and build up strong family life, education and spirituality and shall uphold the principles of racial justice.


Director: Deacon Arthur L. Miller


Assistant to the Director:

Mrs. Kay Taylor-Brooks

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