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       Our Esteemed Past Honorees

2000                                                                           2002

Mrs. Claire Chambers                                                                 Fr. James Aherne, M.S.
Mr. Solomon Ushery                                                                   Mr. Jose Cotto
Mrs. Josephine Taveres                                                              Mrs. Gena Evans
St. Martin de Porres Breakfast Program                                      Mrs. Kay Taylor-Brooks

2004                                                                           2006

Ms. Victoria Virgo-Christie                                                        Mrs. Doris Barber
Ms. Pame Daniel
Mrs. Judith Garcia                                                                     Black Family Enrichment Program of Catholic Charities
Mr. Edward Adjei-Kensah                                                    

2008                                                                          2010

Lifetime Achievement Awards                                              Mr. Robert L. Brown
                                                                                               Dr. Michael L. Greene
Mr. Myles N. Hubbard                                                             Mr. Christopher J. Doucot
Mrs. Elizabeth Nkonoki-Ward

About Fr. Augustine Tolton
From Slave to Priest: A Biography of the Reverend Augustine Tolton (1854-1897) First Black American Priest of the United States [Hardcover] 
by Sister Caroline Hemesath
Pierre Toussaint: A Biography [Hardcover]
By Arthur Jones
Editor-at-large of the National Catholic Reporter
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Program Booklet 2012
Toussaint-Tolton Awards Banquet
More PHOTOS from BHM Mass 2015
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